Festival of the Steel Phallus, Japan

Photo © Stealth3327

No wonder that Japan’s Kanamara Matsuri (aka the Penis Festival) is a big tourist attraction. This traditional Shinto fertility festival in Kawasaki that, ahem, comes to a head, on the first weekend of April.

And as you might expect in a fertility festival, the erect male member makes something of an appearance.

In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to miss it, given that its image is plastered on walls and strewn about in decorations, food is shaped in its honour…oh yes, and giant phalluses are paraded around the streets.

A local penis-venerating shrine is said to encourage prosperity, marriage and – bizarrely – help avoid STDs.

You’re also likely to hear the legend of a toothy demon who hid inside a woman’s privates waiting to bite off their new husband’s wedding tackle. It’s said that the woman had an iron phallus made to break the demon’s teeth.

Written by - Photo by Stealth 3327

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  • Dragoncito says:

    Certainly is a wacky festival. I just can’t imngaie how it all started. Some Shinto priest dudes sitting around sipping on green tea saying:Shinto dude 1: ‘hey, i know, let’s make the biggest wooden shlongs that we can’Shinto dude 2: ‘yeah, and we can parade them down the street’Shinto dude 1: ‘great idea. you go ask the girls in the village if they would like to ride one.’Shinto dude 2: ‘ok, but only if you arrange for all of the phallic omiyage, I particularly like the pink ‘penis on a stick’ like the ones in the 4th photo above’

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