Cheese rolling, England


Concussion. Broken bones. Severe grass burn. No, this isn’t the latest in contact sports – it’s the all dairy, all dangerous Cooper’s Hill cheese rolling and wake.

Transforming this otherwise tranquil location near Gloucester into absolute cheese carnage, the event, held every Spring Bank holiday, sees punters throw themselves down a torturously steep terrain in pursuit of a round of Double Gloucester Cheese.

The races, said to date back nearly 200 years, aim to snaffle the disc of dairy goodness before it bounces over the finish line at up to 70 miles per hour. But it seems making it down the course in one piece may be prize enough. With wannabe lactose looters tumbling head over hoof and suffering far more serious injuries than brie-induced indigestion, you’d have to be crackers to give this cheese chase a go.

Written by - Photo by Michael Warren

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