Chaps’ Olympiad, London

Chaps’ Olympiad, London © Conrad Chua

Oh, jolly hockey sticks. Isn’t this fun! Every July, London’s Bedford Square gardens host the “annual Chaps’ Olympiad for the immaculate of trouser, the frail of form and the fearful of sport”.

Vulgar modern sport wear is eschewed in favour of Savile Row suits, canes, really rather dashing headwear and the occasional silken smoking jacket.

Events include the ‘Cucumber Sandwich Discus’, in which competitors hurl a plate of said edibles across a field, and gain points if the sandwiches remain intact. Meanwhile the ‘Hop, Skip and G&Ts’ event has competitors leaping into a sandpit while holding a full glass of gin and tonic. Other events include the pipe-smoking relay, the three-trousered limbo, the Martini mixing relay and a shin-kicking contest – all echoing to shouts of ‘Bravo!’ and ‘Jolly good show old thing!’

Written by - Edited by Charlotte Amelines - Photo by Conrad Chua

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