Camel wrestling, Turkey

Photo © Al-capone-36

Cockfights, dogfights and bearfights might be out of fashion these days, but camel wrestling is a whole different animal – and one very much alive and kicking.

Every winter, the Aegean region of Turkey sees elaborately saddled camels strutting through its villages while its owner calls out challenges to the other masters to meet them for a knock-kneed knockabout between the beasts.

Wrestling is quite natural to these creatures; the males butt and brawl with each other for status in their herd and mating privileges. In organised wrestling, a young female is paraded around in front of two males to get them excited – prompting the tussle.

Animal lovers will be happy to know there’s little damage done, and hardly ever bloodshed.

The championships take place near Selçuk in late January.

Written by - Photo by Al-capone-36

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