Camel racing, Dubai

Camel Racing, Dubai - Photo © Sahara uiak

Who hasn’t heard of horse or dog, and maybe even ferret racing? But camels? Watching these gangly mammals drop their usual leisurely pace and gallop surprisingly fast is something not to miss when visiting Dubai.

Races take place twice a day from Thursday to Saturday through the winter season. Each race is over 4 to 10km, with 15 to 70 camels. Entrance is free, but regulations apply, including a strict no-cameras rule.
The races were originally informal events staged at weddings or festivals. But now 15 customised tracks have been built on city outskirts in the UAE, including the Nad Al Sheba Racecourse.

This traditional sport is extremely popular, and, although gambling is illegal in the region, winners receive prizes – often in the form of luxury cars.

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