Black Pudding Throwing, England

The World Black Pudding Throwing Championships, Ramsbottom, Lancashire © Robert Wade

Food fights are always a hit on Quirky Guide. But we’d never before heard of a food war – that is, not a war fought over food – but a war fought with food.

Nevertheless there is just such a legend in Ramsbottom, Lancashire. The story goes that at one sticky point during the War of the Roses, both sides ran out of ammunition, and resorted to chucking food at each other.

Whether or not the tale is true or twaddle, it is celebrated each year on the second Sunday in September.

That is when the town hosts the Official World Black Pudding Throwing Championship. Despite the international title though, it’s more an excuse for some good natured Lancashire vs Yorkshire rivalry.

A pile of Yorkshire puddings teeters atop a narrow plinth, 20 feet up in the air. The aim is for contestants to knock the puddings off their perch by lobbing Bury (ie. Lancastrian) black puddings at them.

The championship is held on Bridge Street, outside the Royal Oak pub.

Written by - Photo by Robert Wade

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  • Somewhere in the world today... (Christine) says:

    Hope to be going this year!

  • Nina says:

    If I ever go there I’ll probably do more catching than throwing!

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