Beer Day, Iceland

Photo © Ian Wilson

It’s strange to imagine a secular, developed country in which beer was banned as late as 1989. But that was the case in Iceland, which now makes up for lost time with a raucous national Beer Day to celebrate the legalisation of the golden elixir.

March 1st sees revellers celebrate the retraction of the 74-year ban in the pubs, restaurants and clubs of Reykjavik and across the wider country. Favourite brews include Viking Gylltur, Viking Dimmur, Sterkur, Thule and Ice Bjor.

If your head isn’t already spinning from the drink, this is also a good time of year to see the swirling northern lights. And the famous Blue Lagoon thermal lake, near the capital, is the perfect hangover cure… so long as you don’t visit the onsite bar.

Written by - Photo by Ian Wilson

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