Beard and moustache contest, USA

National Beard and Moustache Championships, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA © Ryan McFarland

Scissors, wax and combs at the ready! It’s time to frizz that facial fuzz, trim your tash and perm your muttonchops.

The annual National Beard and Moustache Championships swing into Lancaster, Pennsylvania, at the start of October.

Lancaster is of course famous for its traditional Amish communities, who are well-known cultivators of lengthy facial hair. But even they have rarely seen anything like the kind of whiskers on display at these championships. There will be moustaches so well waxed they could spear a buffalo; beards that go below the belt; and goatees that double as scarves.

Judges look for facial hair that best enhances the contestant’s overall style and personality, and there are several categories to enter.

The competition is only a few years old, but is already popular enough to commandeer a baseball stadium, complete with Jumbo-trons, VIP boxes etc. For more details, visit the Beard Team USA website.

Written by - Photo by Ryan McFarland

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