Chat Noir Club, England

Photo © Chat Noir Club

For a truly time-warping experience, step through the doors of the Chat Noir Club in Brighton and into the glamorous and flamboyant world of the 1920s and 30s.

Set in an art deco seaside ballroom with chandeliers and an impressive cocktail bar, the crowd is a spectacle of feather boas, flappers dresses, sequins, pinstripes, coiffed hair, pearl necklaces, baggy trousers and smiley faces. There is an infectious excitement and friendliness, a mixture of ages, and an anyone-can-dance-with-anyone atmosphere.

Swirl and swing the night away to 20s and 30s music from two live bands and a DJ in a suit and trilby playing vinyl. You’ll be singing catchy numbers like Is you is or is you ain’t (my baby) and I’m so very dig-a-dig-a-do by nature to yourself for days afterwards!

Written by - Photo by Chat Noir Club

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