The urinal game unit, which is fitted in the toilets of The Exhibition Bar in Balham, London © Captive Media

The Exhibit Bar, London

A video game controlled by your urine stream…in a bar…in London.

The 1940s themed blitz party, a night of wartime romance and swing music © Blitz Party

Blitz Party, London

Get your 1940s glam on, and party among sand bags, blackout curtains and military bunk beds.

Bourne and Hollingsworth, London © Ewan Munro

Bourne & Hollingsworth, London

Try this floral-wallpapered basement bar for a good-humoured taste of the 1930s.

Photo © Chat Noir Club

Chat Noir Club, England

For a truly time-warping experience, step through the doors of the Chat Noir Club in Brighton and into the glamorous and flamboyant world of the 1920s and 30s.

Photo © cinetrip.hu

Clubbing in the bath, Hungary

Has late-night partying ever landed you in hot water? Well this unique dance-music event in Budapest’s grand old thermal baths guarantees to do just that.


Gödör Club, Budapest

How many places do you know where can you down a pint of beer while pondering over an art exhibition to a backdrop of live rock music?

Guinea Pig Races - Photo © Jay Reed

Guinea pig races, Colombia

Brits bet on horses, Americans bet on dogs and Colombians bet on… wait… guinea pigs?


Feeling gloomy, England

If Winnie-the-Poo’s friend Eeyore had lived in central London, rather than Hundred Acre Wood, you can bet he would have loved this nightclub.


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