Sarah Gibbons


Fish Island, Bolivia

Don’t be fooled by the name, this surreal place isn’t really an island and there aren’t any fish.

Photo © Darinka Maya

The Witches Market, La Paz

Everyone loves to bag a bargain, but what about a lovely llama foetus?

Photo © slgckgc

Wine ice-cream parlour, Argentina

This ice-cream parlour in Cafayate, Argentina, gets the crowds in for their locally made wine ice cream.

Photo © Beatrice Murch

Tierra Santa theme park, Argentina

For an unconventional theme park experience, Tierra Santa, located just outside Buenos Aires, is the place to go.

Photo © Jimmy Harris

Death Road, Bolivia

The famed Yungas Road, dubbed ‘Death Road’, is a stomach-clenching, barrier-less highway that is popular with thrill seekers.


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