Ross Morrison McGill

An Indian train toilet © Kyle Lease

You never forget your first?

Ross Morrison McGill describes a freak accident on an Indian train.

Highgate West Cemetery © Ross M McGill

Highgate Cemetery, London

Gigantic, gothic and overgrown, Highgate is the most famous cemetery in England. And some say, it’s the quirkiest too.

Mud baths at Nha Trang, Vietnam @ Sven & Moniek

Thap-Ba Mud baths, Vietnam

Strip down, slap on some sludge and do your best hippo impression in these thermal mud baths.

Photo © Ross M. McGill

Floating fishing village, Vietnam

Sit and eat, fish for lobster or even walk the dog on a man-made floating fishing village off Nha Trang Bay.

Photo © Mess

Museo della Carta, Italy

Fancy making your own sheet of paper from scratch? Amalfi’s Paper Mill Museum lets you discover the painstaking process from scratch.

Photo © Hanse Peter Schaefer

Djemaa el Fna, Marrakech

This ominously named square in Marrakech has a sinister past, and a wonderfully bizarre present.

Photo © gilgamesh

Gilgamesh Bar and Restaurant, London

An extraordinarily lavish restaurant that sets out to recreate ancient Babylonian civilization.

Photo © Ross Morrison McGill

Snake boats, India

Hang onto your seat or you’ll end up without one, or even in the water, at this manic boat race.


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