Jeremy Brazier

Photo © Peter Gene

Volcano surfing, Nicaragua

Snow, sand, and water boarding are for sissies. Or so say fans of one of Central America’s newest pastimes.

The Uppies and Doonies compete in the New Year's Ba' game, Kirkwall, Orkney Islands © joeri-c

Uppies and Doonies, Scotland

Now this crazy game of mass street ball is the way to keep warm over Christmas and New Year!

Chaps’ Olympiad, London © Conrad Chua

Chaps’ Olympiad, London

An Olympiad for the ‘immaculate of trouser, the frail of form and the fearful of sport.’

Photo © Protea - Fire And Ice Hotel

Fire and Ice! Hotel, Cape Town

You don’t tend to expect humour and individuality in a chain hotel. But they are there in abundance in Cape Town’s Fire and Ice! Hotel.

Toe Wrestling, England © Sarah G.

Toe Wrestling, England

If arm wrestling isn’t your thing, try pitting your toes against the best Britain has to offer.

Photo © Micah Taylor

World’s biggest ball of twine, Minnesota

In 1950, a farmer spent 644 hours over 23 weeks painstakingly wrapping twine round and round until it became a giant, prickly ball.

Photo © R. Steven Rainwater

Solar car race, Cyprus

Budding engineers and curious bystanders are all welcome to witness the Cyprus Institute Solar Car Challenge.

Photo © Stealth3327

Festival of the Steel Phallus, Japan

This traditional Shinto fertility festival comes to a head on the first weekend of April.

Photo © Cynthia Consentino

Toilets as art, USA

Travellers know how to appreciate a decent washroom. But these loos are in a league all their own.

Photo © Sukanto Debnath

Try life as a monk, Austria

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live a cloistered life, you can now try it out on holiday.


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