Jennifer Rowley


Seeing hands

A hands on experience with the blind masseurs of Cambodia.

Bern Bear Park, or Baerenpark ©

Bern Bear Park, Switzerland

Meet Björk and her bear buddies in Bern’s unique riverside park.

Chief Yeoman Warder and Gaoler at the Tower of London © Nick Wilkinson/

Ceremony of the Keys, London

One of London’s more curious ancient traditions that has survived untouched to the modern day.

Maldon Mud Race, England -Photo  © iamfisheye

Maldon Mud Race, England

‘Warning – Deep Mud’ is not an encouraging sign to see before a race. But each year over 200 competitors ignore the warnings to scramble through pungent Essex sludge.

Camel Racing, Dubai - Photo © Sahara uiak

Camel racing, Dubai

Watching these gangly mammals drop their usual leisurely pace and gallop surprisingly fast is something not to miss when visiting Dubai.


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