Emily Davis

The Marshfield Paper Boys dress in recycled newspaper and perform a mummers play on Boxing Day, in Gloucestershire © Helen Parker

Marshfield Paper Boys, England

Well, that’s one way to recycle your newspapers! This shaggy Gloucestershire mummers troupe is famous for its quirky Boxing Day performance.

Star gazy pie is especially popular on Tom Bawcock's Eve in Mousehole, Cornwall © Simon Rudkin

Tom Bawcock’s Eve, Cornwall

A celebration of one long-dead fisherman and the rather peculiar, not to mention unnerving, ‘star gazy pie’.

The Burning of the Clavie, Burghead, in Moray, Scotland © Skatedog

Burning the Clavie, Burghead

More proof of national pyromania in Scotland, as if any were needed.

Sandboarding © Michael Roper

Sandboarding in Peru

I had never heard of sandboarding before going to Peru, but it’s the best thing to do! It’s like snowboarding but without the cold, wet and painful landings!

Brighton's Burning of the Clocks parade takes place annually on December 21st © Dominic Alves

Burning the Clocks, Brighton

Homemade lanterns and costumes all go up in flames in this singular seaside parade.

Lentils as Anything, Abbotsford, Melbourne, Australia © Christopher Lappas

Lentil As Anything, Melbourne

A restaurant with no prices? Where nobody is going to force you to pay a single cent?

Photo © Gina Smith

Monkey Buffet, Thailand

The Lop Buri Monkey Festival sees a fabulous monkey feast laid out by the Khmer temple for the lucky primates.

Photo © Micha L. Rieser

Turnip Festival, Switzerland

Pumpkins, schmumkins. If you think carving Halloween squashes takes skill, just wait till you see what these villagers can do with a turnip.

Photo © okeefew

Massaging nuns, Austria

If you think massage is good for the body and soul, just wait until you’ve been massaged by a nun.

Photo © Eric Molina

Fish pedicures, London

Letting a shoal of little wrigglers loose to nibble on your feet is a popular beauty treatment in Asia, but now it’s arrived in London.


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