Emily Davis

DS Restaurant and Bar in Taipei, Taiwan @ DS

Hospital Café-Bar, Taipei

Drink cocktails from IV bags, test tubes or have them squirted into your mouth from syringes by uniformed nurses.


Moto, Chicago

Molecular gastronomy may not be new, but the bonkers creations of celebrity chef Homaro Cantu never fail to surprise.


Heladería Coromoto, Venezuela

Roughly 863 different flavours of ice-cream available in one single shop.

Photo © 2cvExperience

Citroën 2cv tour, Paris

Explore the city of love and surrounding countryside in France’s most iconic runaround.

A Room For London, on top of the Southbank Centre © Courtesy of David Kohn Architects and Fiona-Banner

A Room for London, England

One designer hotel. One bedroom. One highly unusual location.

Vampire Cafe, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan © HAMACHI!

Vampire Cafe, Japan

Seems it’s not enough that blood-suckers are taking over popular culture, now they need their own bleedin’ restaurant too.

The urinal game unit, which is fitted in the toilets of The Exhibition Bar in Balham, London © Captive Media

The Exhibit Bar, London

A video game controlled by your urine stream…in a bar…in London.

Ninja Restaurant, Tribeca, New York © Paul???

Ninja, New York

A ninja-themed restaurant. We only wonder what grisly end awaits people who don’t pay up…

Reptile Cafe, Yokohama, Japan © Globetoppers

Reptile café, Japan

‘And would you care for a snake with your tea, Sir?’

Shopsins Restaurant, Essex St Market, Manhattan, New York © World to Table

Shopsins Restaurant, New York

Thin-skinned? Sensitive to swearing? Then steer well clear of this legendary eatery.


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