Charlotte Amelines

Gnome Reserve, North Devon © David Masters

Gnome Reserve, Devon

Which British town has the most garden gnomes? We’re betting this one.


Tree pod dining, Thailand

Get hoisted up into the treetops, and wait for ‘flying’ waiters to bring your food.

Christmas globe baubles, sold by the Natural Collection

Inspiration for the itchy footed

We travellers can be tricky beggars to buy for. To lend a hand, we’ve handpicked 40 cool, funny or unusual travel gadgets, books, stocking fillers and other presents for all budgets.

Video recording sunglasses; photo courtesy of

Video recording sunglasses

Where have these sunglasses been all our travelling life? In Q’s secret gadget store, probably.

The travel scratch map; photo courtesy of

My Scratch Map

We love seeing peoples’ “been-there maps.” Well, now there’s no need to prick yourself or lose pins down the back of the radiator every time you go somewhere new.

Versatile folding shoes, Redfoot's Flatmate Pumps, perfect for packing in small spaces

Folding shoes

It’s one of the universal truths of travel: shoes are a pain to pack. Or are they?

By The Seat Of My Pants, edited by Don George

By the Seat of My Pants

From a sorry tale of being locked in a Dutch toilet to getting naked and beaten with branches in Mexico (supposedly for pleasure).

The Mutewatch, a vibrating watch alarm that won't disturb the people around you when it goes off

Mutewatch alarm clock

Anyone staying in dorms or prone to missing your stop on the train will appreciate this silent alarm-watch that buzzes you awake without disturbing fellow travellers.

Cufflinks made with vintage maps of your choosing; photo courtesy of Not on The High Street

Personalised vintage map cufflinks

A lovely and unusual way to remember key trips or places close to your heart.

The Rufus Roo jacket-bag is a coat with big pockets to carry as much or even more baggage while avoiding excess luggage charges

Rufus Roo jacket-bag

It may be ugly as sin, but this bulky jacket could save you a fortune on short-haul luggage charges.


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