Antony Barton

Photo ©

Swimming pigs, Bahamas

If you are idling away your holiday in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, be prepared for a pack of noisy porkers heading your way.

Photo © Domaine de la Cour Au Grip

Sleep in a Calvados barrel, France

Falling asleep in a Calvados barrel is no longer just for alcoholics. In Normandy, it’s also a quirky way for anyone to enjoy a good night’s rest.

Photos © Tom Medwell

Little Shop of Horrors, England

Flowers for Mother’s Day and tool-kits for Christmas are so lame. Why not splash out on a shrunken head or the skeleton of a conjoined twin?

Photo © Reve De Bisons

Sioux village, France

Hundreds of bison grazing beside Native American teepees are a surprising sight in the middle of France.

Photo © Richard Masoner

The Mystery Spot, USA

Water appears to flow uphill, people seem to change height and trees grow at apparently strange angles in the Mystery Spot outside Santa Cruz, California.

Photo © Altairisfar

The Nashville Parthenon, USA

Best known as the spiritual home of country music, Nashville isn’t where you would expect to find a full-size replica of the Parthenon.


Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival, England

Dress up as a straw bear and dance for the locals, who might give you some food or drink out of sympathy.

New Year Witch, Italy © Sean O'Neill

New Year witch, Italy

While some lucky kids can expect Santa at Christmas, others will have to make do with an old hag.

Photo © Bobby

Forensic medicine museum, Thailand

Home to a bloodied t-shirt from someone stabbed to death with a dildo, plus the murder weapon. Unsurprising the museum lacks its own restaurant.

Photo ©

The salt cave, London

Large amounts of salt can be bad for you − unless that salt is smothered on walls and pumped out of a machine in a therapeutic clinic.


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