Alys Ince

Photo ©

Tunarama Festival, Australia

Of all of the things that a festival could celebrate, tuna fish has got to be one of the weirdest.

Photo © Metro Centric

Tempelhof Airport Park, Berlin

What to do with a city’s airport after it has closed down? How about making it into a giant park?

Photo © Drew Leavy

Night of the Radishes, Mexico

When most of us are wrapping presents, slurping mulled wine and hanging tinsel, the residents of Oaxaca City are busy carving radishes.

Photo © Qbic Hotel Amsterdam

Qbic Hotel, Amsterdam

Qbic Hotels offer futuristic, cube shaped rooms, with double beds, a bathroom and desk all incorporated into one small square area.

Photo ©

Sno-limo trips, Canada

For sensible souls who fail to see the point of a holiday where you have to exercise every day, there is a solution: the Sno-limo.

Friday Night Skate, London © Mattia Campo

Friday night skate, London

Inline and roller skaters happily gliding along the city’s streets en masse, accompanied by a subwoofer-equipped music bike.

Photo © Monica Moritz

Arctic Man Ski and Sno-Go Classic, USA

Every April, the worlds of snow mobile and ski enthusiasts collide (quite literally) in this mad event.

Photo ©

Idaho yurts, USA

If you’re fed up with overcrowded, built up, boozy party town ski resorts, Idaho’s back country may provide the remedy you’re looking for.

Photo © Jack's Bar Meribel

Meribel’s Wacky Races, France

What do you get when you cross a scavenger hunt, a fancy dress competition and a series of messy, silly and sometimes scary dares?

Photo © David Shankbone

Snow tubing, Canada

Steering? No. Brakes? Not a chance. A hell of a lot of fun? Most definitely.


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