Natasha Al-Atassi

Photo © John Mosbaugh

Capuchin Church, Rome

The church where human remains are delicately arranged into crosses, flowers and arches.

Photo © Eric Skiff

Llama trekking, England

Llama trekking might conjure up images of high Andean mountains, but you can also find them much closer to home.

Photo © Mark Goble

July Christmas, Australia

Snow is falling, carols are playing, the log fire’s blazing and the turkey’s in the oven. It seems like a picture perfect Christmas, except one thing: it’s July.

Photo © Jpduchesneau

Floating islands, Peru

Weave it, eat it, sail it, live on it – the inhabitants of highland Peru certainly know what to do with the mighty reed.

Photo © Paul Brockmeyer

Carnivore Restaurant, Kenya

Where crocodile and ostrich grace the menu and the meat comes skewered on a Masai sword.

Fawlty Towers China

Fawlty Towers, China

Just when you thought you’d never hear the screech of ‘Basil!’ again, China hits you with its own take on Fawlty Towers Hotel.

Armadillo Chasing, Brazil © Su Neko

Armadillo chasing, Brazil

The hardest thing about these lovable armoured animals? Catching them. Yet this is a popular hobby in the Pantanal wetlands.


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