Natalie Schaefer

Old Mount Gambier Gaol @ Mount Gambier Tourism

Old Mount Gambier Gaol, Australia

Bedding down in an old gaol cell may not be the height of luxury, but at least you can unlock the door without the help of a guard.

`s Baggers Restaurant in Nuremberg, Germany © 's Baggers

‘s Baggers, Germany

Who needs waiters when you’ve got electronic ordering pads and coiled ceiling tracks to convey food?

Photo © Parrot Nest Lodge

Parrot Nest Lodge, Belize

A truly tropical treehouse experience surrounded on three sides by the Mopan River.

Photo ©

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida

This former research laboratory turned hotel is located at the bottom of a lagoon where angelfish, barracuda and parrotfish breed.

Photo © Smabs Sputzer

Bridge House, England

This curious little house balances precariously atop a small bridge in the Lake District, and has a fascinating story behind it.

Photo © Barbara Arianna Ripepi

Sex Machines Museum, Prague

Exactly what the name suggests, a museum all about sex – and the often bizarre machinery invented to enhance it.


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