Emily Williams

Photo © Biswarup Ganguly

Ross Island, Andaman Archipelago

You can almost imagine moustachioed colonels sitting on verandas, sipping gin and watching the empire slip away.

Photo © Kukas Vulgaris

Stalin World, Lithuania

A park set up with what seems to be the quite explicit aim of making fun of the Soviets.

Photo © Michael Goodine

World’s biggest Lenin head, Russia

Worried that your wedding photos will be lacking that something extra? Then grab the wedding party, and jump aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway to Ulan Ude.

Photo © Dmitry P.

Kashgar Market, China

Tired of never being able to find fresh goat meat at the local farmers market? Then head to the Mal Bazaar, the livestock market in Silk Road town, Kashgar.

Monkey park, Japan © Andrea Schaffer

Monkey park, Japan

If you have ever felt bad for an animal locked up in a zoo cage, Kyoto’s Iwatayama Monkey Park is the place for you.


Bone chapel, Czech Republic

Decorating your house is easy these days: just pop down to IKEA for some wall hangings. Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic, however, did not have this luxury.


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