Claire Potter

Jane's Place, the Cotswolds © Claire Potter

Jane’s Place, England

A perfect antidote to the manicured gardens and twee tea shops of the Cotswolds.

Footdee, Scotland © Claire Potter

Footdee, Scotland

Wedged between the hard grey granite of Aberdeen city centre and the steely-blue harshness of the North sea, Footdee is like a hippy haven dropped from space.

Forbidden Corner, Yorkshire @ *Pete

The Forbidden Corner, England

A magical, surreal, Victorian garden that’ll leave you wondering if someone dropped a tab of acid in your coffee this morning.

Books and Beans, Aberdeen

Books and Beans, Aberdeen

Do you have a craving for a panini and some poetry all at the same time?

Hoggle, who was found in some unclaimed luggage and now lives in the unclaimed baggage center, Alabama © Sisterbeer

Unclaimed Baggage Center, USA

Fancy buying a wedding dress, a 1930s French newspaper and some vacuum-packed frogs today?

Beijing's penis restaurant, Guo Li Zhuang, serves all manner of animal penis' and testicles, including bull, goat, dog, seal and sheep ©

Penis restaurant, Beijing

The horse’s is light and fatty, the yak’s is crunchy and the Canadian seal’s has to be ordered in advance. Apparently.

Everyone gets their own private 'room' at the Francis Tea Rooms in Scarborough © Francis Tea Rooms

Francis Tea Rooms, England

The 1930s hairdressers-turned-café where you get your own private room.

A multicoloured mouthful at cereal restaurant Cereality, in Virginia © Bob Page

Cereal restaurant, USA

Waiters in pyjamas, squashy sofas, cartoons on the box and hundreds of cereal concoctions.

Tolcarne Beach shacks © Claire Potter

Tolcarne Beach, England

Sleep so close to the sea so that the whoosh of the breaking waves fills your head and you dream your bed is floating on the water…

Japanese masks © Peter Roan

Yat-chan and Fuku-chan

Claire Potter gets a shock in a Japanese restaurant.


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