Bianca O'Neill

Photo © Bianca O'Neill

The real Great Wall, Beijing

Who wants to be surrounded by tourists on a rebuilt replica of the Great Wall when you can see the real thing in someone’s backyard?

Photo © Laura Bittner

Viking World, Dublin

A plastic fantastic ode to the old Viking town of Dublinia: definitely one for the young and silly at heart.

Photo © Bianca O'Neill

Monkey Beach, Thailand

The islands of Phuket have some of the most famous beaches in the world. But there’s one tiny beach that all the tourists flock to – and not for cocktails.


Big Thing Trail, Australia

Australia is full of big things to see: The big rock (Ayers), big coathanger (Sydney Harbour Bridge) and big reef (Great Barrier). And then there’s The Big Thing Trail…


Sound Fantastic World, Shanghai

Usually when ‘World‚’ is attached to a prefix, we think of magical places where rollercoasters and popcorn abound. Not so in Shanghai.


Tubing, tipple and turntables, Laos

Fancy a pint, whilst floating down the river in 30º heat and listening to some chilled beats? Then tiny Vang Vieng in Laos is just the place for you.


Cat City, Borneo

Borneo’s ‘Cat City’ Kuching is home to a quirky Cat Museum, filled with all things feline, and statue dedications to the almighty kitty are perfect for travel pics.


Babies and snakes, Malaysia

Have a baby? Wondering where to find a live python to wrap around it, whilst taking photos like a proud parent on the first day at pre-school… legally?


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