Alex Gladwell

Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin © Lars Stroschen

Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin

Take your pick from a gothic fantasy where guests sleep in coffins, a padded cell or a vomit-inducing room clothed in irregular mirrors.

Photo © Mark Robinson

Get Stuffed, London

A reaction against endemic minimalism has given one of London’s surviving taxidermists a new lease of life.


Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

Now famous for its associations with the Da Vinci Code, this magnificent 15th-century chapel tempts bus-loads of loony conspiracy theorists to its incredible interior.


Les Trois Garçons, London

Whoever the three boys are who founded this restaurant, they have deliciously camp taste in décor. Minimalist it is not.


Brolly shop, London

James Smith and Sons is the sort of store that makes you wish it would rain more often – a one-stop brolly shop stuffed with every conceivable variation.


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