Yrjönkatu nude swimming pool, Helsinki

Yrjönkatu nude swimming pool, Helsinki © Izyan Yob

Well okay, you can wear your swimming costume here if you really want to, but you’re going to be the odd one out. Yrjönkatu is an indoor pool for people who want to swim in the buff.

Built in 1928 with ornate arches and mosaic tiling, Yrjönkatu has the feel of a Roman baths and is the oldest pool in the whole of the Nordic region. Until 2001 wearing swimming costumes was strictly banned.

However, be sure to check the timetable before you go. It seems mixed nude swimming is too liberal even for the Finnish, so the pool is open to men and women on alternate days.

Afterwards relax in the café on the top floor overlooking the pool, and watch the bottoms bobbing up and down.

Written by - Photo by Izyan Yob

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