Sound Fantastic World, Shanghai


Usually when ‘World’ is attached to a prefix, we think of magical places where rollercoasters and popcorn abound. But in Shanghai, a room in darkness with headphones constitutes a ‘World’.

Sound Fantastic World is part of the incredibly popular Shanghai tourist attraction The Bund Tunnel, which feels like an acid trip without the paranoia. Although the allure of a dodgily futuristic tunnel you travel down in a pod, lined in foil and filled with blow up dolls may escape most Westerners’ appreciation, it’s in fact Sound Fantastic World that is the quirky part.

Sit down at the table, put on your headphones and the lights go off. You hear a bevy of questionable sound effects, at which Japanese tourists sigh in awe, then the lights go up. That’s it.

Written by - Photo by Bianca O'Neill

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