Sensory club, Buenos Aires

Photo © Shon Shed

Club Silencio is a quirky new experience in Buenos Aires. Inspired by the film Mulholland Drive, it aims to take your subconscious on a rollercoaster ride.

There’s no doorbell, no sound and no light as you arrive. Only the crowd waiting in the street brings some reassurance that you are at the correct venue. Then the door opens, revealing a silver mask and a finger commanding silence. A blindfold robs you of your sight, and stimulates your imagination while relaxing to original music by the Argentinean-Jewish songwriter, Shoni Shed.

Between songs feathers delight you, massages sedate you and smells capture you, transporting you toward the ethereal world. When blindfolds are removed natural world films play, as Shoni’s intense yet soothing voice sinks you deeper into your seat.

Written by - Photo by Club Silencio

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