Secret cream tea, England

Photo © Canis Major

You’re on a long walk on a hot summer’s day. You’re absolutely parched. Do you have the nerve to knock on a stranger’s door and ask for a cup of tea?

Well, turn up at the door of Saul Lodge in Gloucestershire, and they’ll not only put the kettle on but give you scones with cream and jam too.

The owners of this elegant and slightly ramshackle house on the bank of the Gloucester-Sharpness canal, near Frampton-on-Severn, are happy to serve you a cream tea in their garden most summer Sunday afternoons.

Enter through a gate in the hedge about 200m from Fretherne Bridge. The garden is charmingly overgrown except for a mown area around each table and the crockery is colourful and mismatched creating an Alice-in-Wonderland feel.

You can contact Philippa Davis on 07785270401. The owners also do wedding receptions.

Written by - Photo by Canis Major

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