Sand-sledging, Vietnam

Photo © Oskar Seljeskog

Trekking across the desert in the smouldering heat of South Vietnam, don’t be surprised if you’re approached by a fashionably dressed local child and asked if you want to rent a sledge.

You might think sledging is a sport saved for snowy climates but here at the sand dunes, an hour’s drive out of the coastal town of Mui Ne sand sledging is an activity set up by the locals, and young children make their living by renting out sheets of plastic to the tourists.

Initially it can be a bit of a challenge to get going, but once you get a bit of speed up and get going down the steep sandy slopes it’s just as much fun as doing it in the snow, if not more, seeing as how you can do it in the sun. However, this is definitely a sport for people who don’t mind the combination of sand and sun cream.

Written by - Photo by Oskar Seljeskog

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