Rooftop walking tour, Stockholm

Climbers' roof top tour of Stockholm © Gustav Anestam/Upplev Mer

Looking for a daredevil way to view the Swedish capital city? A walking tour held at a lofty 140 feet above the ground could be just the thing.

Secured by ropes, you can wander all over the cities most famous sites, such as the 13th century Old Parliament building. Attached to a thin metal track, you’re treated to a 360 degrees view of the city, and a bird’s eye view of eight of the 14 islands on which it’s based.

If that’s not daredevil enough then you can choose to do it at night and hear stories of murder, mayhem and mysterious ghost sightings. Or if that sounds like your heart’s desire, then you can get hitched right on Old Parliament’s roof.

For more details, visit the Upplev Mer website. They also run a similar tour in Sundsvall, north of Stockholm.

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