Nowa Huta district, Krakow

Crazy Guides vintage Trabant

Seen the market square and Maria Church? Shopped on the Royal Way and visited Wawel Castle? Good…now get ready to venture seriously off the beaten track and discover a completely different side of Krakow.

Crazy Guides take travellers to Nowa Huta, the old steel works 8km east of the city, built in the 1950s as a showcase for communist propaganda, the only project of its kind in Europe.

Travelling around in a vintage Trabant, you will get the lowdown on the area’s history and get a chance to see the unique architecture, stopping en route at a soviet-style restaurant for a shot of vodka (and maybe a pickled gherkin or two).

Hungry for more? Crazy Guides also organise Kalashnikov shooting and KGB-style kidnapping events for hen and stag nights. Really.

Watch a video here.

Written by - Photo by Marie Peyre

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