Llama trekking, England

Photo © Eric Skiff

Llamas might conjure up images of high Andean mountains, but you can also find them much closer to home. Think a train ride from London; think views over the English Channel; think llama trekking in the hills of Surrey.

Just 40 miles from London, you could almost believe you had landed in Peru. Covered in tall, furry, long-necked creatures, our sheep-stocked hills suddenly look foreign. After loading your llama with a delicious English picnic, join the group to enjoy a peaceful, memorable and undoubtedly comical jaunt over the hills before settling down for lunch.

Their reputation for being non-obedient, spitting creatures is put to rest, as the creatures bestow a calm influence on the trekker, nibbling on bushes and shrubs. Surrey Hills llama trekking is not quite the Inca Trail, but it’s certainly a trek to remember.

Written by - Photo by Eric Skiff

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