Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Photo © tata aka T

Ever been stung by a jellyfish? Then this popular snorkelling lake in Palau will give you a serious case of the heebie-jeebies.

Millions – yes millions – of golden and moon jellyfish glide around this 460m-long marine lake. And divers are welcome to strap on their snorkel, flippers and hop right in with them.

Jellyfish Lake is on Eil Malk, one of many Rock Islands in Palau’s Southern Lagoon. It’s connected to the sea through narrow tunnels in the rock, but it’s isolated enough to have its own ecosystem. In fact the jellyfish living here are found nowhere else, not even in the marine lakes of neighbouring islands.

One more piece of information you’ll be glad to know – both jellyfish species can sting, but neither are powerful enough to hurt humans.

Below: footage, courtesy of Tim Hochgrebe – Watch Tim’s original footage here. Audio by Nick Ryan and voice by Ruth Banks.

Written by - Photo by Tata (aka T)

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