Friday night skate, London

Friday Night Skate, London © Mattia Campo

If you happen to stroll through the busy streets of London on a Friday night, you may stumble across an intriguing sight. Inline and roller skaters happily gliding along the city’s streets en masse, accompanied by a subwoofer-equipped music bike, belting out energising beats.

For those with the motivation that the majority of the population lacks late on a Friday evening, this is the perfect calorie-burning past time.

With strict rules such as no trouble making, alcohol or skating on pavements, the most hardy of the skating community, equipped with helmets, knee and elbow pads, put the after-work pub goers to shame every Friday evening. These ten mile skates are free to join and if it all sounds a bit hardcore, there are (as yet) no rules to forbid dropping out halfway!

Written by - Photo by Mattia Campo

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