Find Nessie, Scotland

Loch Ness Monster, Clansman Hotel, Scotland © Mike Whyte

Many people are fascinated by the myth of ‘Nessie’, the mythical beast alleged to live deep in the waters of Loch Ness, one of Scotland’s most famous lakes. To prove that this is no myth, take a trip down to the Clansman Hotel, on the banks of the Loch Ness, near Inverness in Scotland, and take a snap of the monster for yourself.

Here’s how to do it: when you enter the hotel grounds, notice that the road you arrived in on actually separates the hotel grounds from the banks of the river itself. To get to the river (and the harbour where the boat to nearby Urquhart Castle departs from) walk along the length of the hotel grounds until you reach an underpass which takes you to the river. As you arrive there Nessie will suddenly confront you (well a large scale detailed model anyway).

Still, you can take a picture from a convincing angle and prove to your friends that the monster exists – or alternatively stay at the hotel for a relaxing short break and enjoy the views of the stunning Highlands scenery. Who knows, you may even get to see the real Nessie too!

Written by - Photo by Mike Whyte

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