Everglades swamp walk, USA

Everglades Swamp Walk, Chokoloskee, Florida, USA © Marie Peyre

What do you do in a 1,5 million-acre swamp swarming with alligators (estimated population 20,000) and several known poisonous snakes?

Join a swamp walk, naturally! Wandering deep into the Everglades with murky water up to your thighs is the best way to get up close and personal with the local wildlife, and to understand this fascinating, unique eco-system.

Perfectly safe too, it would seem. Alligators are unlikely to attack humans, unless you are unfortunate enough to tramp on the tail of a two-metre long individual, or cross the path of a female guarding her young.

So far no accidents have been recorded, and the walks are actually rather popular, attracting hundreds of tourists every year.

Several local operators run guided swamp hikes, among them Everglades Area Tours, who offer walks daily in season.

Written by - Photo by Marie Peyre

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