Elephant rescue centre, Thailand

Elephant Rescue Centre © Kate Ure

An elephant camp in Thailand where riding on their backs is strictly forbidden. What’s that all about?

The Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai is a sanctuary for elephants that have been mistreated or neglected where you simply get to hang out with them, up close and personal!

Stunningly located amidst lush mountains, you’ll get to feed them lunch and feel their soft, precise, muscley trunk against your hand. Take them for a walk, wash them, watch the babies play and learn their names, personalities and heart-breaking stories. Even swim with them in the river where they’ll squirt you and make their joyful trumping noises.

After a day in the magical presence of these creatures, you’ll feel as mellow and happy as you can see they are here.

Written by - Photo by Kate Ure

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