Dr Sketchy, worldwide

Photo © Justin Lussier

Bored of regular art classes? Burlesque performer and art student Molly Crabapple was, back in 2005. So the New Yorker set up the first of these ‘anti-art’ classes. Now syndicated worldwide, Dr Sketchy events welcome ‘art monkeys’ (sketchers of all – or no – ability) to draw burlesque performers in various stages of undress.

From corseted madams to tattooed hunks, performers often augment their poses with stripping or dancing routines, while the class leader – usually more compère than teacher – leads games and drawing competitions.

Now welcoming people to events in London, Glasgow, Tokyo and scores of other cities. Look for yours here.

Dr Sketchy may not be ‘art’ but it’s certainly lots of fun.

Written by - Photo by Justin Lussier

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