Citroën 2cv tour, Paris

Photo © 2cvExperience

The new 2cvExperience offers visitors the chance to explore the city of love and surrounding countryside in a restored classic Citroën 2cv, France’s most iconic runaround.

The 2cv was in production for 42 years between 1948 and 1990, and rivals even the Mini Cooper and the Volkswagen Beetle for auto-nostalgia.

The tour includes a ‘touristic driving lesson’ from your guide, a country picnic filled with Parisian delicacies and plenty of cruising through back lanes with an open rooftop and the wind in your hair.

Trips last up to six days, and include stays in old-fashioned guesthouses. Jaunts in the lovingly restored cars are also available in Provence.

Written by - Photo by 2cvExperience

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