Cardboard Boat Race, Gibraltar

Photo © Bruce McAdam

Fibreglass is for softies and wooden hulls are for wimps. The test of a true sailor is to be able to guide nothing but a flimsy bundle of soggy cardboard around a 1km racecourse, and escape without so much as a wet bottom.

If you’re up for the challenge, then sign up to compete in the annual Gibraltar Cardboard Boat Race. It takes place in Ocean Village at the end of August.

Wood, plastic, fibreglass, foam, duct tape, plastic, staples, clamps, nails and screws are all strictly banned – so building a cardboard boat is as much of a challenge as navigating it. But there are always some truly weird and wonderful creations on show, from dragon boats to cartoon cars.

And if your painstakingly crafted boat is a washout in the race, there’s always the ‘Best Titanic Sinking’ trophy to aim for!

Written by - Photo by Bruce McAdam

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