Armadillo chasing, Brazil

Armadillo Chasing, Brazil © Su Neko

Known for the Dime Bar slogan, ‘Hard on the outside, soft on the inside,’ armadillos are Brazil’s tough little creatures with shells of steel. And the hardest thing about these armoured animals? Catching them.

Trundling through the Pantanal’s long grass your guide darts off. He is on a chase. He scrambles to the floor. He emerges holding a strange creature by its tail. He smiles. Welcome to armadillo chasing.

A tropical wetland the size of France, the Pantanal teems with wildlife but is home to few people, and it’s little wonder that a hobby this bizarre was born here. Locals practise the activity for its test of speed, strength and sight. After release, the challenge is upon you to partake in this popular custom. My suggestion? The little soldiers run like whippets. Leave it to the professionals.

Written by - Photo by Suneko

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