Photo © Justin Lussier

Dr Sketchy, worldwide

Bored of regular art classes? Burlesque performer and art student Molly Crabapple was. So the New Yorker launched these ‘anti-art’ classes.

Photo © Mack D. Male

Golf ball massage, USA

The luxury Four Seasons resort offers a unique way to relax, whether long-time golf fan, or long-time golf widow.

Photo ©

Swimming pigs, Bahamas

If you are idling away your holiday in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, be prepared for a pack of noisy porkers heading your way.

Photo ©

Pet cafes, South Korea

No, not cafés with dog on the menu! Quite the opposite. These are cafés where animal lovers go to make a big soppy fuss of somebody else’s pets.

Photo © Bruce McAdam

Cardboard Boat Race, Gibraltar

Fibreglass is for softies and wooden hulls are for wimps. The test of a true sailor is to guide a bundle of soggy cardboard round a 1km racecourse.

Photo © Craig Anderson

Yabafo free fall ride, Japan

Is it the world’s fastest elevator? Or a thrill ride in a very unusual spot? Yabafo drops shoppers in the centre of Osaka 74 meters at 22 meters per second.

Photo © okeefew

Massaging nuns, Austria

If you think massage is good for the body and soul, just wait until you’ve been massaged by a nun.

Yrjönkatu nude swimming pool, Helsinki © Izyan Yob

Yrjönkatu nude swimming pool, Helsinki

Well okay, you can wear your swimming costume here if you really want to, but you’re going to be the odd one out.

Photo © Eric Molina

Fish pedicures, London

Letting a shoal of little wrigglers loose to nibble on your feet is a popular beauty treatment in Asia, but now it’s arrived in London.

Photo © Oskar Seljeskog

Sand-sledging, Vietnam

So much for sledging being a sport saved for snowy climates.


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