Chief Yeoman Warder and Gaoler at the Tower of London © Nick Wilkinson/

Ceremony of the Keys, London

One of London’s more curious ancient traditions that has survived untouched to the modern day.

Crazy Guides vintage Trabant

Nowa Huta district, Krakow

Propaganda, vintage Trabants, vodka, Kalashnikovs and KGB-style kidnapping events in Krakow.

Photo © 2cvExperience

Citroën 2cv tour, Paris

Explore the city of love and surrounding countryside in France’s most iconic runaround.

Photo © Peter Gene

Volcano surfing, Nicaragua

Snow, sand, and water boarding are for sissies. Or so say fans of one of Central America’s newest pastimes.

A Zombie Boot Camp now runs out of Droitwich, Worcs © Club Silencio

Zombie boot camp, England

Prepare for the zombie apocalypse with grizzled military veterans…and chain saws.

Climbers' roof top tour of Stockholm © Gustav Anestam/Upplev Mer

Rooftop walking tour, Stockholm

Looking for a daredevil way to view the Swedish capital city?

Loch Ness Monster, Clansman Hotel, Scotland © Mike Whyte

Find Nessie, Scotland

Yes, Nessie does exist. Our writer has the proof…

Bo-taoshi played in the National Defense Academy in Yokosuka, Japan © Abasaa

Bo-Taoshi, Japan

You’ve seen the video, now marvel at the madness of Bo-Taoshi live in Yokosuka.

Everglades Swamp Walk, Chokoloskee, Florida, USA © Marie Peyre

Everglades swamp walk, USA

What do you do in a swamp swarming with alligators and poisonous snakes? Join a swamp walk, naturally!

Photo © tata aka T

Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Ever been stung by a jellyfish? Then this popular snorkelling lake in Palau will give you a serious case of the heebie-jeebies.


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