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The invisible hotel, Sweden

If a hotel room is built in the forest and no one is able to see it, does it really exist?

Photo © La Villa Hamster

Hamster Hotel, France

Ever wondered what life would be like as a rodent? This hotel in Nantes lets you find out.

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Chocolate Hotel, Bournemouth

Chocolates on your pillow? Pah! How about a giant molten-chocolate fountain, chocolate cocktails, and bowlfuls of handmade goodies at every turn?

Photo © Parrot Nest Lodge

Parrot Nest Lodge, Belize

A truly tropical treehouse experience surrounded on three sides by the Mopan River.

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Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida

This former research laboratory turned hotel is located at the bottom of a lagoon where angelfish, barracuda and parrotfish breed.

Photo © Protea - Fire And Ice Hotel

Fire and Ice! Hotel, Cape Town

You don’t tend to expect humour and individuality in a chain hotel. But they are there in abundance in Cape Town’s Fire and Ice! Hotel.

Photo © Domaine de la Cour Au Grip

Sleep in a Calvados barrel, France

Falling asleep in a Calvados barrel is no longer just for alcoholics. In Normandy, it’s also a quirky way for anyone to enjoy a good night’s rest.

Photo © Stephanie Klocke

Iglu-dorf, Switzerland

Unleash the Inuit inside by spending a night in a real life igloo.

Photo © carlbob

Jumbo Hostel, Stockholm, Sweden

Falling asleep at the controls of a jumbo jet would normally be frowned upon. Not so in this unique Swedish hostel.

Photo © Beth Bower

Elinor’s Museum and Hostel, Canada

You’re likely to learn more than locals want you to know at this quirky seaside enclave.


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