Whitepods, Switzerland


At 1700m high, above the Swiss resort of Villars, there is an intriguing sight: futuristic white domes built on wooden decks with plumes of smoke emerging from copper chimney stacks.

Christened Whitepod, these eco-friendly pods are the brainchild of Villars local Sophie de Meyer. They offer an attractive alternative to the usual resort chalets and are so remote that they can only be accessed on skis or snowshoes. The pods are surprisingly comfortable, with wood-burning fires and beds adorned with sheep skins and 14 tog duvets.

The only downside to the pods is their lack of bathroom facilities, so there may be a few chilly midnight runs to the neighbouring chalet.

But this pales into insignificance when you unzip your pod in the morning and step out into crisp, white, untouched snow.

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