Treehouse hotel, South Africa


A hippie paradise nestled in the lush banana plantations of Kwazulu Natal’s south coast, Mantis & Moon Backpackers is entirely hand-built from local wood, and blends seamlessly into its leafy surroundings.

Its quirky, stilted tree houses have en-suite bathrooms and private decks overlooking the forest canopy to the ocean.

Shed your backpack and clothes, and you can sink gratefully into the steaming outdoor Jacuzzi, sipping a massive cocktail under the starry skies. If you’re not yet so relaxed you slide off your chair, you can order a generous portion of home-made grub for next-to-nothing prices.

The vibe is chilled and fun, the people unpretentious and the lush surroundings gorgeous. In short: it’s idyllic.

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