The Cwtch, Wales


Fancy a cuddle within a cuddle? This unique little custom-made hut-cum-wigwam buried in private woodland is dubbed the Cwtch, which means cuddle or embrace.

Clad in shuttering to seal in the warmth, it’s a wonderfully snug and deceptively roomy eco-retreat, complete with firepit outside for late night stargazing or marshmallow toasting.

The location is perfect for a quirky romantic break or glamping eco-adventure for a small family.

This being an eco-friendly site, there’s no electricity supply but everything else is catered for: kitchen and washing facilities, LED lights, candles, linen and towels.

You can book the Cwtch through Quality Unearthed. It’s close to the Brunel Cycle Track, the Westfield Pill Nature Reserve and the gorgeous Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

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