Sleep in a Calvados barrel, France

Photo © Domaine de la Cour Au Grip

Falling asleep in a Calvados barrel is no longer just for alcoholics. In Normandy, it’s also a quirky way for drinkers and non-drinkers alike to enjoy a good night’s rest.

At Domaine de la Cour au Grip, two guests can spend a night in a barrel that once held 10,000 litres of the region’s famous apple brandy.

Situated along the 40km Normandy cider route, the farm’s owner Patrick Esnard is happy to share DIY and renovation advice with guests while his wife Paulette offers culinary workshops with local specialties.

If you fancy dining out in a Calvados barrel as well as sleeping in one, head to Le Bistrot Normand. Here, you can eat inside a former 8,000-litre casket while being served by staff in traditional Norman dress.

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