Sioux village, France

Photo © Reve De Bisons

Hundreds of bison grazing beside Native American teepees are a surprising sight in the middle of France.

The 118-hectare Rêve de Bisons in Normandy was established in 1990 as a natural breeding ground and now boasts 200 Canadian bison and a few deer.

In 1998, the site grew into a Sioux experience. Now you can enjoy a canoeing adventure on the river, learn how to erect your own teepee and sample some of the less lucky bison, served up with potatoes in the giant teepee.

Once you’ve perused the gift shop and bought more bison meat from the butcher, settle down for a night in the relative comfort of your own conical tent.

At present, peace pipes and scalping are not on the itinerary.

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